Building smart games and educational Alexa skills

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Our Games

We are working on some interesting Amazon Alexa skills.  We find this new type of interface a more natural way to work with a computer.

Our Skills are designed to be fun and educational, and can be used on all Amazon Echo devices.  

To keep us going, we always need your help.  Please give our games a good review and 5 stars on Amazon Alexa apps.

How It Works

Each game is a skill within Amazon's Games, Trivia and Accessories category.  Just search for our skills and enable them.  You can then use the invocation phrase to start them.  For example, after enabling our "Fancy Quiz" skill, you can say "Alexa, start Fancy Quiz".  

Try the "English Professor", who can teach you English idioms and proverbs.

Or, try our latest skill "Read My Tweets". 

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